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What's Happening

It started with a Daybreak billboard on I-15.

Michael and Liz (Lizzy) Williams were in town visiting family and preparing to move back to Utah. They had lived in D.C. for several years while Michael attended law school. Both were anxious to live closer to family again and anticipated living along Salt Lake’s east bench, where most of their family resides.

“We originally saw a Daybreak billboard on the side of I-15. And my husband said, “let’s look there,” Lizzy recalls. “I was reluctant to even consider Daybreak. I perceived it to be so far away from my family.  But as soon as we stepped into our first Rainey model, we were sold. We also noticed a trend. People we met seemed to be on their second or third home in Daybreak. This is a pretty impressive return to repeat build rate. That was very appealing to both me and Michael.”

daybreak billboard

The Williams family have been residents of Daybreak since 2013, when they built their first cozy cottage with Rainey Homes in Creekside Village. Now, the Williams family can officially say they have participated in the “Daybreak shuffle” with the completion of their second Rainey home in Heights Park Village.

“We could not shake the positives of Daybreak when we realized it was time for a new home,” Lizzy said.  “We are second-time home buyers here in Daybreak and I suspect we will be 3rd and 4th time buyers. Daybreak feels like a dream, and often it really is. I have become really attached to the community and invested in the future of the community. It just seems to get better and better every year.”

rainey homes

LiveDAYBREAK Photographer

One-way Lizzy has become invested in the community is her role as LiveDAYBREAK’s photographer. You will often see her behind the lens at events with her two children Henry (9) and Lina (6) tagging along.

“Living here and working here, I have a really amazing opportunity to show my love for Daybreak through my photography,” Lizzy said. “I have been able to see my neighbors, meet new friends, all while sitting with my family at concerts AND photographing the events. I care about how Daybreak is perceived and that is why I work so hard to show all the reasons that we love it though my images.”

Building with Rainey Homes

When the time came to build their second home, the Williams family knew they wanted to build with Rainey Homes again.

“For us, there was no other builder to even consider,” said Lizzy.  “When you have one positive experience there is no reason to stray. Rainey, specifically Doug and Cortney, have become good friends and have always delivered a product and the service that we need.”

It’s Lizzy’s devotion to the little things, the special character-defining details, that turned her building process with Rainey Homes into an absolute labor of love. One thing she loves is her photography studio built above her garage.

daybreak resident

“I have spent years moving my photography equipment around the valley,” mentioned Lizzy. “I knew I wanted to build a photography studio, so that I could work from home. GAME CHANGER! With Rainey so many things can be customized. They say they are a semi-custom builder. But they really tried to work with us on almost everything they reasonably could.”

Lizzy’s Tips for Building a New Home

  • Pay attention to what you can and let go of the rest.
  • Be nice to the people building your house (they will do a better job + remember you are NOT the only house).
  • Make friends with would-be neighbors (makes the transition easier).
  • When you focus on investing in the neighborhood you will ultimately love the neighborhood you build in. Find ways to get to know the neighborhood and interact with community events sponsored by LiveDAYBREAK, even before you move in.

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