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Real estate expert Babs Delay, shares how Daybreak is becoming a new home mecca for diversity and inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community.

Daybreak offers a beautiful mix of neighborhoods, and a beautiful mix of new homes, for a beautiful mix of people. Which is why we are honored that local real estate expert Babs Delay stopped by to explore our community several weeks ago. She shared a recap of her Daybreak visit in a recent City Weekly article entitled, Gaybreak.

“What may blow you away in Daybreak is the peppering of Pride flags and BLM posters,” wrote Babs. “There are 661 members of the Facebook “Daybreak Gaybreak” group. My friends with tweens and teens are flocking to get in line for a building lot or praying for a resale home because there’s so much to do at Daybreak, and frankly, residents feel safe there.”

New homes in Daybreak. Residents hanging out at Oquirrh Lake. New home mecca for diversity and inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community.

“Yet, at 16 years and 8,000 homes later, Daybreak is a smashing success. According to MLS stats, in 2019, one in every six homes sold in the Salt Lake Valley was at Daybreak, and that figure could double by the end of 2020. With 13 “villages” now built on the 4,000 acres on the far west side of the valley, a new phase is being erected along a man-made watercourse.”

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