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This is your peek behind the curtain — that is, across the Mountain View Corridor — where you’ll see all kinds of fresh twists to Daybreak’s fifteen-year story.

Here in this second half of Daybreak, which we call the Upper Villages, we’re taking what people love about the community to a whole new level. Think greater walkability, social connections and above all, engagement with nature.

And a big part of this fresh energy is a remarkable new feature: the Watercourse.

Picture a long, meandering network of channels, cascades and ponds. A mile-long stretch of water that you can paddleboard on in the summer or take long, lovely walks beside any time of year. Think waterside picnics and playdates. And imagine homes where your back deck overlooks the Watercourse and your private dock lets you walk right out onto it.

In designing the Watercourse, we’ve worked to create something truly special. An experience — actually a huge variety of experiences — that everyone can enjoy. We’ve planned it to be long and narrow, so more homes will be close to it and more people can access it. And compared to Oquirrh Lake, the centerpiece of Daybreak’s original Lower Villages, walking or paddling along the Watercourse will feel quieter, more intimate.

If you paddle far enough, you’ll end up at another magical place: the Cove. Some of the details are still being worked out, but this destination amenity is planned to include ponds, a boat dock, playground and a large open-air pavilion. Places for outdoor gatherings, big family picnics, even weddings. Our hope is that the Cove will become a beautiful and busy gathering place for all kinds of activities, indoors and out.

So what does it all add up to? In this new half of Daybreak, you’ll have ready access to a continuous flow of experiences. Paddleboarding with the kids. Maybe sitting on your own personal boat dock, watching the kayakers drift by. Playing ball. Birdwatching. Meeting friends for dinner parties and concerts under the stars. It’s an inclusive — one might say, egalitarian — approach that inspires neighborly interaction. And it honors our innate need to connect with nature, in every season. It’s all about exploratory living. A greater sense of well-being. And balance restored.

A decade and a half later, Daybreak’s much-loved Oquirrh Lake has inspired something wholly new, the Watercourse. Two bookends of a story about people and nature, brought together in fresh ways. This might just be the best chapter yet.

Come see
Construction on the Watercourse will begin in 2019 and take about three years. Homes right on The Watercourse won’t be available until 2022 at the earliest. But you can catch an exciting glimpse at the Hub Info Studio in Daybreak. Here (over a cup of delicious Chai from Biscotts Bakery) you can explore a big 3D map of the Upper Villages and see just how the Watercourse fits into the landscape.

And you’ll discover how close the Watercourse will be to the two neighborhoods already open in the Upper Villages. Springhouse Village, a 55+ neighborhood, designed to keep you as active as you wish. And Highland Park Village, where a wide range of homes and a huge city park are ready and waiting for people who love nature and want to be part of Daybreak’s next big chapter.

And if you want to stay up to date on how the Watercourse is progressing, just join our interest list.

*The amenities described in this post in both copy and imagery represent the designers’ vision for this area of the community and what Daybreak Communities intends to build at this point in time, however it’s still early in the journey. The process for taking any amenity from concept to completion involves many steps and months of work including the creation of detailed construction drawings, engineering, and obtaining bids to ensure that the scope of the project as designed fits within a pre-determined budget. During this process, changes can and do occur to the original concept. Some elements of what is described and shown above may be changed or eliminated completely. Our intent in sharing this information at this point in time is to provide a preview of what’s being designed to help the public understand how this area might live. It is not to present a final solution or commitment to build a specific design. A final plan will be shared in due course once the design and budgeting process has been completed.


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