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Tips for Decorating your Holiday Home

Recently Daybreak resident Kirsten Krason, co-owner and principle designer for House of Jade Interiors, invited us into her home and shared 5 tips and tricks for turning your home into a festive oasis. She also shared how living in Daybreak has helped cultivate some of her most cherished memories.

5 Holiday Decorating Tips

1. Garlands make everything better.  Start investing in really beautiful faux garlands that you can pull out year after year to layer into your decorating.  Kirsten puts garlands on her mantel, stairs, front porch, front door, windows and shelves, basically everywhere!

2. Bring in natural elements. Kirsten loves decorating with pinecones, moss and paperwhites. Forcing paperwhite bulbs in the winter helps get Kirsten through those long cold days when she can’t be out in her garden.

3. Ribbon is a great finishing touch.  People often think about ribbon for wrapping presents but it also adds so much detail to a stocking, a stair railing, a wreath etc. Kirsten puts ribbon everywhere!

4. Don’t forget about the unexpected places.  Kirsten decided to decorate her powder bathroom this year and it feels like such a fun surprise. It’s unexpected and a little goes a long way in a small space.  Kirsten also loves to throw holiday decor in her kids rooms and playroom.  After all, Christmas really is all for them. 

5. Pick a general color scheme and stick to it.  Years ago Kirsten did all of her decor in silver, golds and greens. While she still loves gold and green, she has begun to bring in small amounts of red and some orange. Kirsten also thinks citrus is such a unique winter color. Whatever your color scheme is try to stick to it.  This will help you when you have holiday overwhelming you while roaming the aisles of Target. 

For more decorating tips, you can tour Kirsten’s home on the Daybreak Pinterest page.

Home of Daybreak resident, Kirsten Krason co owner of House of Jade Interiors.
Home of Daybreak resident, Kirsten Krason co owner of House of Jade Interiors.

Choosing Daybreak

Almost 10 years ago, Kirsten and her husband Josh were searching for a place to settle down. They had bounced around from state to state as Josh racked up his flight hours as a pilot–Florida, Las Vegas and Arizona–but were looking for home.

“My husband called me up one day and told me all about a new neighborhood we needed to see,” Kirsten shared.  “We had been searching for homes in Utah County, but we hadn’t thought about the South Jordan area.  Once we drove out to see the houses we were hooked.  I knew I wanted to raise our kids here.”

Home of Daybreak resident, Kirsten Krason co owner of House of Jade Interiors.

“I loved the feeling I had when we first came to Daybreak,” Kirsten shared. “We had just moved back to Utah and we didn’t have a lot of friends at the time. I was also pregnant with our first child and pretty overwhelmed. When we drove up and down the streets of Daybreak I remember feeling like this was everything I envisioned my future to be. I wanted to be surrounded by neighbors and friends, making memories with my kids at parks, the pool, the lake, walking my dog on the trails, having block parties with neighbors, and planting tulips in my front yard. As a young adult it all hardly seemed possible, but after 10 years in this neighborhood everything I dreamed of has come true here.  If I could go back to that young, nervous new adult I would have told her that this place was going to hold some of her happiest and most cherished memories.”

Now living in their second Daybreak home, Kirsten loves how living in Daybreak helps nourish her passions.

“One of my greatest passions is design,” shared Kirsten.  “I love seeing design in all aspects of my life.  I actually love walking the streets of Daybreak and observing how each family chooses to design their home, landscape and life.  It is so inspiring to me to see all the variety of homes, each unique in their own way. I also love gardening and landscape design. In the Spring, I start jogging outside again and love to observe tulips popping up all over the neighborhood, baby ducks down at the lake and the green leaves starting to sprout on the trees.  There are so many amazing things to see at every turn here.  Whether it’s the lake, someone’s home or impressive mountain views I love to take it all in.”

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