What's Happening

Your new Daybreak home comes with access to the just-finished Matchpoint Park. Here you’ll find a whole new park concept. It’s like a mini sports complex, with basketball hoops, street hockey goals, even a ping pong table. And when you’re not on the court playing your heart out, you can relax at a picnic table in the shade. Oh, and don’t forget to hydrate.

Visit Matchpoint Park at: 11724 S. Watercourse Road South Jordan, UT 84009

Because we want everyone living in Daybreak to be able to walk to at least one park in five minutes or less. We’ve got three dozens parks to explore, find your favorite Daybreak park, here.

Homes Near Matchpoint Park

In Cascade Village, our newest village, we’re stirring together a highly pleasing list of ingredients. With dozens of fresh home collections to choose from and a variety of new amenities — you’re almost certain to find a home that leaves you perfectly pleased.

Open concept kitchen and living room of the Holmes Homes model in Cascade Village | South Jordan, Utah

Cascade Village tucks right in close to the Watercourse and Cove House, which will soon bring smiles to anyone who likes to row a canoe or paddle a paddleboard. The new Aspen Elementary School is just a five-minute bike ride away. Or play a game of chess at Gambit Park or shoot hoops at Matchpoint Park.