What's Happening

Get ready to become a Cupbopper! Utah’s favorite food truck, Cupbop Korean BBQ, will open a restaurant in the Fall of 2016 at Daybreak. Which means you can get your KKO-KKO Bop without chasing the food truck.
The Daybreak location in South Jordan, Utah will be the ninth brick and mortar restaurant for Jung Song and his team. The restaurant, located in the heart of Daybreak’s commercial and residential area—SoDa Row, will not stray too far from its well-known food truck energy. You can expect a vibrant dining experience that is far from typical—think Korean pop music, employees overflowing with personality and hilarious catch-phrases. You may even learn a few dance moves as you wait in line.
The menu will include fan favorites from the food truck with the addition of three different types of Korean fried chicken, a Gai bi Burger and even a few surprises.
Cupbop Korean BBQ
Cupbop credits the support of Daybreak residents for bringing the restaurant to the community. “We are always asking our fan base where we should open the next restaurant,” said Jeremy LaFaver, Cupbop District Manager and Daybreak resident. “Daybreak residents have always been good to us—supporting us when we have brought our food truck to events in the community. Knowing that we have a fan base gets us excited to expand.”
If you’ve never tried Cupbop, you are in for an experience. Trust us, after one bite you will find yourself thinking the same catch-phrase found on the side of the bowl—“Shhhh…just eat!”