What's Happening

Remember what it was like to kick a rock all the way home from school and the sense of pride you felt at the accomplishment?  So do most the kids in Daybreak.
Building a safe, walkable community is a key building block of the Daybreak masterplan.  The ideas of creating a relaxed community feel and having less cars on the road has a certain appeal don’t you think?
The perks of living in a walkable community go beyond just the social benefits.  It also encourages a healthy lifestyle from an early age.
In fact, having schools within walking distance is so important that Kennecott has identified and built into it’s plan locations where all future schools should be built, and works diligently with the Jordan School District and other educational providers to locate schools on those sites.  Kennecott donated the land for Eastlake Elementary School, and worked with a group of parents to bring the Early Light Academy Charter School to the community. Daybreak Elementary, Daybreak’s first school was also a unique partnership between the developer and the school district where facilities are shared between the school and the community center to maximize their use. Most school gymnasiums go dark after kids go home but still need to be heated/cooled even when not in use. The Gym at Daybreak elementary is bustling every evening with pick up basketball games and other community activities. A University of Utah Study showed that over 70 percent of Daybreak’s kids were able WALK to school.  That’s a lot of rocks being kicked all over town!
It’s also a lot of grateful parents who aren’t idling their cars and waiting in LONG pick-up lines in front of the school.  It’s a serious savings of time and money for Daybreak residents.  It also means neighbors around the school can always take a breath of fresh, clean air.
Besides being walkable, our schools are fantastic because of our dedicated teachers and unique programming.  We’re working to expose our youngsters to a wide variety of educational opportunities.
East Lake Elementary offers a Chinese Immersion program.  Participating students spend their first through sixth grade years being instructed in only Chinese for half the school day. The goal is fluency by sixth grade!
Early Light Academy, a kindergarten through ninth grade Charter School located in Daybreak, offers students a chance to do more than just dabble in the arts. With so many district cuts to arts programming, this is one place where the only “cuts” are made by students with scissors in the classroom.  Early Light has worked for special grant money to pay an instructor teaching art, music and drama programs in every classroom!
Early Light Academy is also home to a summer acting camp associated with South Jordan Community Theater.  It’s open to any interested kids for a nominal fee.
These are just a few reasons that make living and learning in walkable Daybreak outstanding!  There are many more reasons you’d want to come too.  If you haven’t been to Daybreak, it’s probably time that you paid a visit.