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The Year of the Dog has officially begun. Eastlake Elementary our local K-6 public school celebrated the Chinese New Year with a variety of activities at a school-wide assembly intended to immerse students in the rich culture and traditions of the Chinese including singing, performing skits and speaking the language.

Eastlake Elementary has a global approach to learning. Beginning in first grade, students have the opportunity to participate in the Chinese Immersion program. This program offers select students the opportunity to receive instruction for half of the day in Chinese and half of the day in English. Registration for this program is by application only.
Eastlake Elementary
Eastlake ­­­­­­­Elementary has a unique two-story design with large windows in every classroom, collaboration kivas, a beautiful media center, a spacious gym with stage area and computer lab. The school is situated adjacent to a large park with vast play areas and facilities for soccer, tennis, basketball and swimming. When designing the Eastlake neighborhood, the school was centrally located so that as many children as possible could walk to school eliminating the need for parents to drive their children to school and reducing strain on the district’s bus program.
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Daybreak Schools
Vibrant neighborhoods and successful schools contribute to the benefits of living in a community like Daybreak.  Daybreak schools are strategically located in the neighborhoods to make it possible for the vast majority of kids in our community to walk to school. There are three K-6 public elementary schools* located within Daybreak—Daybreak Elementary, Eastlake Elementary, and brand-new Golden Fields Elementary—a K-9 charter school called Early Light Academy and a 6-12 charter school called American Academy of Innovation. The plan for Daybreak includes additional schools as the community grows, Daybreak’s first public middle school is anticipated to open in Creekside Village in 2019. Middle school and high school students currently attend schools that are less than 10 minutes from Daybreak by car: Copper Mountain Middle School and Herriman High School. All public schools in Daybreak are part of the Jordan School District.
Schools within Daybreak consistently rank higher than surrounding schools for test scores and overall satisfaction.
Eastlake Elementary
*Daybreak residents living in our newest village Highland Park currently send their K-6 grade children to Bastian Elementary. Located less than 5 minutes from Daybreak.