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Really good schools are rare. Living really close to a really good school is a rare privilege. With three public K-6 schools, a public K-9 charter, a public 6-12 charter, a brand-new public middle school and a public high school— all of them top-ranked—Daybreak is the perfect choice for smart families. And with the 2019-2020 school year just a few weeks away, let’s review the variety of education options available in the community.


Neighborhood Schools

Planned on a 5-minute rule, Daybreak places all kinds of good stuff within a 5-minute walk of home–including schools, gathering places, parks and more. According to a University of Utah study more than 70% of Daybreak students walk to school at least once a week, which cuts down on emissions from idling cars in the drop-off line at school and promotes a healthy lifestyle starting at an early age. Kids can safely walk and bike to school and parents aren’t stuck waiting in long carpool lines–this saves time and money.

The proximity of home and school integrated into a tight-knit community also promotes an increase in parental involvement at school. It is easy for parents to volunteer in classrooms, participate in special programs and engage in a healthy dialogue with school staff when schools are located within walking distance of home.  In fact, it is the Daybreak community and countless hours of parental involvement that have helped schools in Daybreak not only succeed, but flourish.

Education Philosophy

Besides being walkable, schools in Daybreak are fantastic because of our dedicated teachers and unique programming.  We’re working to expose our youngsters to a wide variety of educational opportunities.

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Daybreak Elementary

Part of the acclaimed Jordan School District, this innovative K-6 elementary focuses on Literacy, Writing and Language Arts. Since the elementary school is connected to the Daybreak Community Center—with its fitness and recreational features—the school introduces kids to Daybreak’s idea of fun, healthy living.

Eastlake Elementary

Beginning with the three areas of focus: Literacy, Numeracy and Arts Integration. Innovative programs such as Leader in Me and Meet the Masters. And one of only eight Mandarin Chinese immersion programs in the Jordan School District.

Golden Fields Elementary

This public elementary school is also part of the Jordan School district and focuses on best practices for Tier 1 instruction. Which includes constant feedback, promoting learning with deep questions, and interventions for students on all levels. Students learn how to build appropriate relationships, take ownership of their learning, and feel the value of accomplishing tough challenges.

Mountain Creek Middle School

Brand-new for the 2019-2020 school year, Mountain Creek Middle School serves students in grades 7-9 with a well-rounded education philosophy. This Jordan School District school is adjacent to Golden Fields Elementary in our Creekside neighborhood.  

Early Light Academy

A K-9 public charter school, Early Light was launched by a group of Daybreak residents to provide a liberal arts education with an emphasis on history. Not the old, conventional notion of history, but a perspective that reveals the interconnectedness of people and ideas. Put this together with fine arts integration and you get students with excellent critical thinking skills and the ability to express themselves.

American Academy of Innovation

A public charter school for grades 6-12, the American Academy of Innovation offers a unique program that combines experiential learning with technical education, 21st-century skills and mentoring with international university partners. The Academy identifies the specific learning style of individual students, then uses methods best suited to each student’s individual strengths.

Herriman High School

Students living in Daybreak attend Herriman High School, which is less than 10 minutes from Daybreak by car. Herriman High School focuses on a foundation for academic excellence, offers diversified clubs, athletic opportunities and is deeply rich with traditions.

Future Daybreak Schools

The plan for Daybreak includes additional schools as the community grows. Including multiple school sites in Upper Villages, proactively purchased by the Jordan School District. These sites include three elementary schools, one middle school and one high school.

Due to the strong growth that Daybreak has seen over the past couple of years since the opening of Highland Park Village in Upper Villages, the Jordan School District’s Board of Education voted this week to move forward with construction of the planned elementary school in Highland Park Village. It is projected that the elementary school in Highland Park Village could open for the 2021-2022 school year.

Daybreak Communities provides one, five and ten-year growth and development projections to the Jordan School District to assist the District in forecasting student housing needs, facility planning, and construction efforts. Daybreak’s community design and land use planning initiatives proactively identify, and reserve, potential school sites within the community and the southwest part of the Salt Lake Valley. These locations reinforce sustainable land use patterns and neighborhood-based school objectives. These efforts are supported by the District, South Jordan City and Daybreak Communities to identify and address the urgent need for additional schools within South Jordan proper. Daybreak is thankful for its continued partnership with its various education partners.