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North Shore Village Center Development Updates Including: Harmons Market, Salt Lake County Library, C.W. Urban Project, Performance Venue

We’ve been busy and wanted to share a few development updates related to North Shore Village Center.

North Shore Village Center

In late 2018, we announced plans for our next village center on the shores of Oquirrh Lake.  And while it has taken a bit of time to finalize the details, we are excited to share that construction is actively underway. The center is anchored by a 17,000 sq. ft. Harmons Market and includes additional space for future restaurants, retail, and residential units. Creating vibrant village centers where people want to live and where businesses want to invest in new storefronts requires a mix of complementary uses that are co-located in an urban walkable format. Businesses benefit from a larger built-in customer base of nearby homes, and those same residents enjoy the benefit of shops and restaurants within walking distance.

Daybreak development updates map, C.W. Urban, Harmons Market

The Harmons Market coming to North Shore, is a smaller scale store. It will stock approximately 85% of the items available in the larger locations (albeit in smaller quantities) and provide a convenient, walkable alternative to big box stores. Harmons has been extremely successful in other areas including Holladay and the Harvard-Yale neighborhood of Salt Lake City with their smaller, neighborhood scale market stores. The stores that are now open instantly become a place where neighbors meet and interact while enjoying one of the best markets in the country. It is anticipated that Harmons Market will open Fall 2021.

Harmons Market, Daybreak Development Updates, South Jordan Utah

Speaking of neighbors, we are excited to announce a partnership with C.W. Urban to build apartments and townhomes near the new Harmons Market. thePEARL will have its own private amenities including a clubhouse, gym and water feature.  Vertical construction is anticipated to begin soon. Leasing will likely begin towards the end of 2021.

thePearl, Daybreak Development Updates, North Shore Village Center, South Jordan Utah, C.W. Urban

Restaurant and retail opportunities are now leasing for North Shore Village Center. Learn more about our business opportunities and get contact information, here.

Urban Development Strategy

The master plan for Daybreak includes three types of centers, each at a different scale, and serving a different purpose based on where it’s located and the size of the area it’s designed to serve.  These centers are purposefully, and carefully planned around an anticipated intensity of uses, and intentionally placed directly adjacent to major arterial roads that allow for vehicular traffic to flow and for businesses to benefit from needed exposure to passing traffic.  Adequate parking to handle the associated commercial and residential demands is also a key component in the planning process and will be addressed as the project advances.  Learn more about our centers based development, here

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*Disclaimer: Artists renderings are conceptual in nature and are provided to show the intent and vision for the project. It may not reflect the final design or outcome of the development area it represents. No commitments are made via these renderings regarding the future development of Daybreak. Opening dates are subject to change.


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