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What's Happening

While there are a lot of cities in Utah to choose from when deciding where to live, South Jordan stands out for many reasons.

What started off as horse properties and farms now boasts a dynamic economy with a variety of industries and outdoor recreation opportunities like the Jordan River Trail and Oquirrh Lake

It isn’t just the population growth that’s making headlines either, South Jordan is expected to have job growth of nearly 15 percent, proving that South Jordan is one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S with many opportunities to enjoy. 

Daybreak park with colorful homes in the background | Fastest Growing Cities | South Jordan, Utah

Of all the things to know about moving to Utah, South Jordan is perhaps its best-kept secret. The city is located in a sweet spot of Salt Lake County. 

Here are a few quick facts: 

  • 40 minutes to downtown Salt Lake
  • 30 minutes to Lehi
  • Well connected via TRAX light rail and the Mountain View Corridor
  • 9 ski resorts within an hour 

Making a Living 

When ranking states with the best economy, Utah is right at the top. You’ve got healthy job creation and one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. Consumer confidence in the state is at an all-time high and we’re seeing an ever-rising job growth rate as well. 

The average household income in South Jordan specifically, is almost 30% higher than the state average. The per capita income is just over $30,000 while the median household income is nearly $100,000. There are over a thousand self-employed people in the city, plenty of private-sector workers, and government employees. So, however you choose to make a living, South Jordan is filled with opportunity.

There’s no shortage of employers in South Jordan and you can find jobs in many different industries. Whether you’re in tech, manufacturing, or even mining; your chances of securing employment are pretty good. Learn more about the job market in utah


When it comes to education, the Jordan School District provides excellent public schools with high graduation rates. There is also a healthy mix of private and charter school options.

Boy and girl in front of school projects | Daybreak schools

As for higher education, South Jordan is home to a dental and pharmacy school and is near 3 major universities. 

Buying a Home in South Jordan, Utah

Housing availability is another factor to consider when looking where to relocate. South Jordan is home to an award-winning master-planned community, Daybreak. The community is known throughout the United States as a thought leader in placemaking and as a steward of sustainability.

Being the first of its kind in Utah, Daybreak artfully mixes home types with community amenities. In fact,  1 out of every 5 new homes sold in the Salt Lake Valley is in Daybreak.  So regardless of your stage in life, there is a home suited for you.

Quality of Life

We all like to have fun in our spare time, and there’s no way you’ll get bored in South Jordan. There are almost 30 South Jordan City Park and playgrounds for you and your family to enjoy and activities are so abundant you’ll never run out of something to do.

You have facilities catering to sports like baseball, skating, tennis, softball, and even lacrosse. There are fishing ponds, an Aquatic and Fitness Center, and a skating rink. There’s even an equestrian park, which is a dream-come-true for horse lovers. And with a river running through the city, there are many water sports for one to enjoy. You can get as adventurous as you’d like to be in South Jordan. 

For anyone that loves golfing, the Glenmoor Golf Course is paradise on Earth. For senior citizens, the community center may be of great interest, especially since they have a variety of activities to promote friendships.  

If you love connecting with nature, the Riverfront Park on the shores of the Jordan River has 22 acres of natural habitat that’ll bring out your inner weekend warrior. 

Getting Around

Salt Lake City is only half an hour away, which is great news for travelers because that’s where you’ll find the spanking-new Salt Lake City International Airport

For those living in Daybreak, there are more than enough bicycle highways, trails, and sidewalks for one to navigate the area quickly and safely. 

Townhome in Daybrek with guy walking his bike | South Jordan, Utah

The South Jordan Parkway Station has hundreds of park and ride spaces. The Daybreak Parkway Station also makes for a good travel experience, with about 50% more spaces available. 

To Wrap Up

The U.S. has many fast-growing cities that offer a decent quality of life. However, when considering everything, ‘SoJo’ emerges at the top of the list. 

Not only is South Jordan a safe place to live in, but the economy is great, the quality of life is higher than most, and there’s even a huge focus on sustainable growth.

It doesn’t matter who you consult, you’re likely to come up with the same result. The statistics make it clear, South Jordan is the city for you.