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What's Happening

It’s time we give extra credit to Daybreak schools. From the beginning Daybreak has worked with school officials to develop neighborhood schools that are walk-able and part of each neighborhood’s identity. Neighborhood schools offer greater opportunities for volunteerism, and a higher level of engagement with the administration & faculty.  As a result, the schools in Daybreak are some of the most highly rated in the area, and benefit from high levels of parental involvement. This is something that the Community takes great Pride in, and great schools continue to be a key reason why people buy homes in Daybreak.
So why not make Daybreak schools even greater?  Kennecott Land (Daybreak’s developer), will give extra credit to the Daybreak school of your choice. From now until the end of 2015, Kennecott will donate $350 to the Daybreak school of your choice when Daybreak residents refer a friend or family member to purchase a new home in Daybreak.
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Here’s how it works

Tell your friends, family, or even total strangers how much you love living at Daybreak. When they buy a new home here we’ll donate $350 to the Daybreak school of your choice. Just have them mention your name to the sales consultant at the time of contract and, upon closing, the money is as good as on its way.
There are two K-6 public elementary schools — Daybreak Elementary and Eastlake Elementary — and a K-9 public charter school called Early Light Academy.
Daybreak has set aside $20,000 for the Extra Credit program, and the money will be awarded entirely by referrals. So spread the word about Daybreak! And, as your English teacher suggested about that Great Gatsby book report, don’t wait until the last minute to get started.
Learn more about the Extra Credit program and the official rules, here.

What will the schools do with the donation?

Daybreak Elementary

Daybreak Elementary is hoping to acquire more computers – ideally mobile labs due to space – to allow students additional access to technology. The current computer lab closes several consecutive weeks during the spring for standardized testing, a mobile lab will allow uninterrupted access to strengthen typing skills, math and reading resources and writing practice the entire year for continued progress. In addition, parents surveys have indicated a desire for health and art related enrichment; the school hopes to acquire a variety of PE equipment and musical instruments as permanent resources to enrich the educational experiences of students and teachers for years to come.

Eastlake Elementary

Eastlake Elementary hopes to enhance the school’s STEM Education Curriculum, specifically: science and engineering equipment, math manipulatives, and technology.

Early Light Academy

Early Light Academy is working to implement a new language arts program that incorporates reading, spelling, grammar & writing as a complete package to better prepare students for the changes in SAGE testing.   The school also hopes to update  the technology used in classrooms with new SMART boards.  In addition, Early Light Academy is currently expanding its campus and will need appliances for its new kitchen.