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You’ve picked your lot, you’ve picked your floor plan and now its time to decide the interior finishes for your dream house.  There are so many options to choose, but the best advice is to keep things simple.  Pick a color palette and interior finishes that will be able to adapt as the years go by and then add colorful touches with furniture and artwork that can be updated as trends change.
Desiree Campbell, designer and blogger for, shared on her blog this week her interior finishes for the bathroom in her lakeside dream house. You’ll love the calmness of the interior colors and finishes that she has chosen. Review her interior finishes for her bathroom and the rest of her house, here.
The four designers participating in Daybreak’s Virtual Dream House (review the entire series part 1, part 2, part 3) each have distinctive styles and have worked with the exclusive builders in Daybreak’s Lake Village to build their dream lakeside house, we invite you to follow along and explore their dream house on the designer’s blogs. 

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