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What's Happening

Earlier this year Daybreak’s community council, LiveDAYBREAK, created a nonprofit STEM Club for Daybreak kids. The club hopes to get kids excited about science, technology, engineering and math through engaging, hands-on STEM experience. And the best part, Daybreak parents are leading the charge for this club.
“If we help these kids get excited about science, technology, engineering and math, then later they will pursue a STEM career. Our hope is that they will have great success and later give back to the community like their parents are doing now,” said Keila Mower, founder of the Daybreak STEM Club.
So far the kids have learned about weather patterns with the U.S. National Weather Service and Utah State University STEM Extension, learned about the creation of parks in communities with Salt Lake County Government and South Jordan City, and most recently had a local dentist discuss how to culture a tooth.
According to an article that appeared in Deseret News, “Parents are catching on that when their kids develop interest and mastery in [STEM], doors to their futures open wider. The North American Association for Environmental Education emphasizes that STEM learning crosses disciplines and taps into the innate curiosity and wonder of children, even at a very young age. The group notes that as far back as 2007, a Carnegie Foundation commission reported “”the nation’s capacity to innovate and thrive in the modern workforce depends on a foundation of math and science learning. They conclude that a sustained, vibrant democracy is dependent upon this foundation in STEM.””
The club’s purpose is to provide hands-on education for elementary aged children by inspiring knowledge and creativity through the introduction of STEM concepts. We also encourage and provide an opportunity for professional adults to serve as a mentor. Most importantly, we bring together community resources and have fun! The club meets twice a month. For details, contact Keila Mower, keila.mower@yahoo.com
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