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Variety is the spice of life, and nowhere in Utah will you find a greater mix of fresh new home styles than in Daybreak. You can find everything from spacious estate homes to quaint town homes. The size of the home doesn’t matter as much as what you make of it. Making the most of your space is what counts! The Shumways have lived in Daybreak for about a year. They have welcomed us in to take a peek into their adorable town home (just like others before them). Their home is about 1,500 square feet and they have made every inch count!

How to make the most of the space you have! #smallspaces #small

Here you will not only find a variety of home sizes but a variety of home styles as well. These particular town homes, located in the East Lake area, are a bold contemporary style that’s very unique to Daybreak. In Daybreak, there is a home for every taste, style, and budget.


The Shumways are a busy family of five. Three little boys keep Sarah on her toes. She wants their home to be functional, but she also wants it to be pretty. Here’s how she makes her home work for her family and fit her tastes at the same time.


Tip #1

Have a statement piece. This gray buffet is beautiful and functional. It is the first thing you notice when you enter the home. It’s unusual and interesting and frankly, it makes everything in the room look better.




Tip #2

Start with a plan, then divide and conquer. Start with a plan, a look you want to achieve, then concentrate on decorating one area of your space at a time. The whole space might seem overwhelming so start where you feel most comfortable. Once you feel good about that area, move on to the next. Floating shelves are a great option for small spaces.



Tip #3

Get creative with storage and organization. You have to actually live in your house, no matter it’s size. So keep things you need access to in a convenient spot, in the Shumway’s case that’s blankets and toys. They have labeled baskets for such items. It’s amazing the difference a label can make when it comes to keeping your family organized. Other ideas include coffee tables and benches that double as storage and built-in shelving units.



Tip #4

Decorate with gallery walls. Stop worrying about finding art that fits your space. Instead, opt for groupings of smaller images that fill the space and can be easily rearranged and made to work in any space.



Tip #5

Decorate with mirrors. Mirrors can work wonders when it comes to making a space feel larger. They also reflect natural light and make your space brighter; more livable.



Thanks Shumways for letting us snoop around your lovely home!


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