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Editors Note: The following post was contributed by Daybreak resident Aly Brooks, part of an occasional series of posts from  our residents on various topics. Aly is also the owner of Entirely Eventful, an event planning and social media consulting company. You can read more from Aly on her blog.
 Let’s face it, one of the best parts of Daybreak are the porches. It’s an idea that brings residents outside and encourages neighbors to come together. That’s not all… you can decorate them too! Many homes in Daybreak are becoming well known for their unique Halloween décor, so much so that people come from all over the valley to trick-or-treat here. Since the Halloween festivities are now in full swing, we thought we would share a few of our favorite Halloween Porches with you.
Let’s start with the Hewlett’s porch. We just love this hand-made Happy Halloween garland.
We also can not get enough of this silhouette pendant door decor!
Here’s a shot of it all… don’t you just love the playful, colorful (even polka-dotted) pumpkins?
This adorable which holds a pumpkin lantern and welcomes visitors to the Hewlett’s home. (Insert evil cackle here).
It’s all about the details! Check out the witches purple pet spider. Good spider.
Now this is one of the best ideas ever! Tami turned some of those cheap plastic pumpkin buckets into light fixtures for her porch. Genius! All it took was a little elbow grease and some scissors.
And here’s Tami, along with her evil friend. Thanks for the tour Tami!
Now on to the next porch…
This is a fun and modern take on a Halloween porch. Aren’t you just in love with this orange glitter chandelier?
We love the idea of simply changing your linens to create a Halloween themed sitting area.
And how can you not be ga-ga for these gigantic glittered scull flower pots?
Think about using things you already have to create a spooky display. Courtney uses this shelf all year and when Halloween comes, she simply switches out the items on display.
Courtney got creative with textiles, but kept all her decor in the same color palette. This is what gives it that modern and super-hip look.
Thanks Courtney for letting us “sit a spell” on your fabulous Halloween porch.
Melanie welcomes us to her porch next…
Seasonal gourds, pumpkins and mums welcome us, while ghostly lanterns bid us beware…
How great is this simple burlap garland? Just some burlap, scissors and a hot glue gun and you’ve got it made.
Some simple white lanterns are transformed with some glue and glitter. Melanie hung them with some ribbon and trimmed them with shredded white sheets.
The one of the right seems kind of mean…
Oh well, on to the next spooky porch…
We just love the hand-made fabric scalloped garland. It’s not as spooky as… well… it is just plain cute.
You can get with look with fabric cut in oval shapes and folded in half and sewn to bias tape.
Look how it frames this awesome Daybreak view…
Take a seat and sip some cider.
The scarecrow might try to scare you off… but it’s just so inviting…
Last but not least, a porch that is much more than just a porch. It’s an experience.
This house is famous among Daybreak residents. It’s completely over-the-top and simply amazing.
The entire front of the Ailken’s home is converted to the “Dead & Breakfast.” Could it get any more fun? We think not.
Complete with custom signs and a whole lot of skeletons, this home welcomes trick-or-treaters of all ages. The kids will love it and the grown-ups will stand there in amazement. You definitely need to check it out at night as well when it’s all lit up, simply amazing!
The detail is simply incredible.
They thought of everything, including a concierge.
The couple on this tandem bike actually pedals! They are on their way to the neighborhood lake, just a few blocks away.
Don’t forget the romantic picnic for two…
The menu doesn’t look real appetizing to me… Ham-Boogers? No thanks.
As you can see the details are to die for (pun intended).
Thanks Ailkens, for letting us all enjoy your incredibly creepy porch.
We hope you enjoyed this spooky stroll down the streets of Daybreak.


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