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What's Happening

Now that the secret is out, we know there will be lots of questions that come up about this exciting opportunity for the Daybreak Community. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions with answers below along with a phone number to call if you have a question about something that isn’t answered below.
1.   Who is the home for?
Several families in the Salt lake area are being considered. The recipients will be announced June 23.
2.    When will the episode air?
This has not been determined yet, but it will more than likely air in October. Check daybreakutah.com or HolmesHomes.com for additional info as it becomes available.
3.   Why did EMHE choose to build the house at Daybreak?
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition selected Daybreak as the location to build the new home because of the community’s outdoor lifestyle and accessibility to schools, shops and restaurants as well as the soon-to-be-completed University of Utah Health Center and TRAX light rail service coming this summer. All of which create an environment that is not only enriching, but provides many of life’s necessities close to home.
4.    Will Daybreak residents have an opportunity to participate in the project?
Residents 18 and older can sign up to be a volunteer on our website, www.daybreakutah.com. Additionally, if you’d like to make a financial or material contribution towards completing the home please also visit daybreakutah.com to donate.
5.    Where exactly will the home be built?
The specific location in Daybreak will be revealed once the family is surprised on June 23rd
6.   When will they reveal the completed house?
On June 29, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition will bring the family home and ‘MOVE

7.  Who is the builder? How were they selected?

Daybreak selected Holmes Homes based on their strong track record of building many quality homes in Daybreak over the years, and their commitment to taking care of clients. Holmes Homes was the first builder to join the Daybreak team in 2004, and has built 1/3 of all homes in Daybreak to date.
8.    When will they start building the house?
The first day of construction will begin after the family has been notified June 23.
9.    How will the project affect traffic?
The area around the home will be fenced off and some roads will be closed. Due to the extremely short period of time that the home will be built in and all of the crew involved, it is necessary to create a controlled area that is safe for construction and filming. There will be an area near the build site that spectators can access on foot. Additional info will be provided once the exact location is determined.
10.     How will the project affect parking?
A large off-street area will be designated for volunteer and spectator parking to ensure proper traffic flow and to avoid congestion near the build site. Homeowners who live near the build site will still be able to access their homes, however on street parking near the build site will be very limited. South Jordan City Police will be onsite throughout the build week to enforce parking laws.
11.     What kind of noise can be expected?
In order to build the house in the given time, work will take place 24 hours a day until completion. We appreciate your understanding and patience during this brief period of intense activity.
12.     If I live near the project site and have any concerns about the project who should I contact?
We have set up a hotline for the project, and have a dedicated staff that will provide information and answer questions as appropriate. Please call 801-204-2024. If you have a question, this is the best way to receive a prompt response. Given the speed at which the project will move, and the number of people involved, it may be difficult for individual staff members to respond quickly through the usual channels. We’ll also post regular updates in the “news room” section of the website located at daybreakutah.com/extreme.

13.      Are there any safety concerns for children?

There will be a fence around the peripheral of the construction site, so all spectators will be separated from construction activity for jobsite safety and efficiency reasons. For the families who live within the project closure area, parents will need to take special care to ensure children are always accompanied by an adult.
14.      Are there any safety concerns with building a house that quickly?
Extreme Makeover Home Edition has successfully completed hundreds of homes within the same time frame and has refined a process that allows this to occur quickly and safely. All standard industry safety protocols are strictly adhered to by all parties involved.
15.     What if I have a reservation at a Daybreak park and it’s closed?
We’ll work with you on rescheduling another time as soon as possible.
16.     If I’m a resident of Daybreak, is any funding for this project coming out of my HOA dues?
No. The work being done on the project is being completely donated by Kennecott Land, Holmes Homes and hundreds of generous suppliers, tradespeople, local businesses, and individual donors.
17.     What is the architectural and landscape approval process?
The design and architecture for the house has gone through the same approval process as any other home built in Daybreak.
18.     How can I get more information about the project?
Visit Daybreakutah.com or facebook.com/daybreakutah or call 801.204.2024. The hotline number is the best way to receive an answer to your questions. We will attempt to respond to question on Facebook, but some answers may require a more lengthy complex response, so the hotline is the best communication channel to use.