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What's Happening

The Dead & Breakfast Inn has become a Halloween staple in Daybreak. Every year there is something new, which brings thousands of people from all over to enjoy. For Thomas & Leslie Aitken it has become a way to preserve the light-hearted nature of Halloween that they experienced as children.
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Thomas grew up in the 1950’s and remembers Halloween being a time where neighborhoods were filled with children running from house to house.  When they moved to Daybreak, the architecture of their home in Eastlake Village reminded them of a bed & breakfast. In the beginning they had a few skeletons and a sign, but that was all it took to start the Dead & Breakfast Inn.  Since then it has grown to include singing pumpkins,  skeletons riding a Bicycle Built For Two down to Oquirrh Lake, and even an organist.
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Thomas is quick to explain that the “Dead & Breakfast Inn is my wife’s idea. Leslie went to Brigham Young University for interior design, she has the talent and vision. But together we figure it out.”
Every January they start thinking about what they can create to add to the display. It has grown so big, that they don’t put everything out at once.  “You could come everyday and see something new,” said Thomas. “Look for the small details and try to find something that you didn’t see the last time.”
On any given night in the Fall you may catch a glimpse of Thomas and Leslie looking out the window watching parents interact with their kids as they discover the magic of Dead & Breakfast Inn. The popularity of Dead & Breakfast Inn brings hundreds of people every night. In fact, this year they expect 5,000 people.  If you happen to stop by don’t forget to sign the guest book and to bring a donation for the schools in the community. Dead & Breakfast Inn is located just north of Blackshear Drive on Topview Road.
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Tips For Visiting The Dead & Breakfast Inn

  1. Look for the small details.
  2. Make it a game. Count how many mice, pumpkins, spiders, etc. you can find.
  3. Use your imagination. A lot of the decorations are handmade from everyday objects.
  4. Search for antiques. There is a mixture of authentic antiques and replicas.
  5. You are welcome to take pictures, but don’t let that distract you from enjoying the magic.

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Rumor has it that a member of the Aitken family works for Disney. When asked, Thomas just chuckles and says “You’ve heard of the Haunted Mansion haven’t you?”