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What's Happening

Daybreak is the only community in Utah to fully commit to the latest version of the EPA’s Energy Star efficiency standard. In fact, it was one of the first communities in the country to pilot the 3.0 standard.
So exactly what is Energy Star 3.0? In short, it’s a big step forward. Since Daybreak’s opening in 2004, every home here has been built to the EPA’s Energy Star standard. But the Energy Star program has introduced a number of technical changes that add up to a substantial improvement in overall home efficiency. New homes in Daybreak will see at least an 8% reduction in energy use over homes built to the previous Energy Star standard and each new home in Daybreak will perform 20-30% better than comparably sized new homes in other communities.
Some homes in Daybreak that are ultra energy efficient, like Garbett Homes line of Solaris solar-powered homes, will perform even better. Some of the Solaris homes are achieving HERS Scores of 40 or less. (How does a $14 monthly energy bill sound to you?)
And Energy Star 3.0 enhances more than just energy efficiency. With a new set of specifications for moisture barriers, ventilation systems and framing, it also raises the bar for indoor air quality, long-term structural integrity and overall comfort. And since the new standard requires that every home be fully inspected, performance-tested and certified by a third-party energy rating firm, homebuyers can confidently expect their new home to perform as promised.