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At Daybreak, we’re delighted to offer a variety of home types—so that if your needs change, you can easily move from one house to another without having to leave behind all the things you love about the community. Pretty great, right? We call this the “Daybreak Shuffle”, and it perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Daybreak—you can grow and change within the community without having to change up your friends, favorite hair salon, or regular brunch spot. That’s because Daybreak is more than just a community, it’s a way of life.

To show you what we mean, we spoke with three families who have experienced the flexibility and benefits of the Daybreak Shuffle firsthand. First up, we have Karli, her partner, and kiddos, who have moved multiple times as their family has grown. Then there’s Dallon and Taylor (along with their adorable teacup poodle Sachi), who were so taken by Daybreak while Dallon was working for one of the builders, they decided to move in—and are now living in their third home here! We also spoke with Jamie, who has three active girls under the age of twelve. Her first place in Daybreak was a studio apartment that she and her husband moved into as newlyweds, 14 years ago.

Can you tell us a little bit about your family and what first brought you to Daybreak?

Karli: We had our first child and we loved seeing a community full of kids. Our first house was a townhouse. It was a perfect starter home and was right in our budget. We loved the fact that we could push our baby in a stroller and get to a fun park in a matter of a few minutes. 

Dallon and Taylor: We have lived in three homes in Daybreak and can’t get enough of this amazing community! Taylor had extended family that already lived in Daybreak, and he had wanted to move here for a while after seeing all the great amenities and cute homes. When we decided to buy our first house together, we didn’t even consider any other area.

Jamie: Our first house was in Founders Village right by the Daybreak Community Center. We later moved around the corner and up the road on Harvest Moon and then built a house on the Island. It really is a perfect place for every lifestyle and every stage of life. It’s diverse and you will find your tribe. We also have our parents and two single aunts living in Daybreak. 

Your family is one of the growing number that has moved from one house to another within the community. When you had already undergone the ordeal of packing up and moving, you could have taken that moving truck anywhere. What kept you here?

Karli: We decided to stay in Daybreak because we were very impressed with the Island and the beautiful homes being built there. There is nothing in Utah like it.

Dallon and Taylor: We absolutely love the sense of community here. There are so many welcoming, kind people. We also love the lake and all the summer activities here in Daybreak. 

Jamie: I love how active and social the community is. There is always something to do for every lifestyle. I love going kayaking and going to all the different parks, and the events are just the cherry on top. 

Say it’s a sunny Saturday afternoon in Daybreak, where would we find the members of the family? Who likes which recreational spaces?

Karli: Our family loves walking around the Island. My boys love to ride their bikes and watch the ducks. We recently bought canoes and paddle boards and the kids love exploring Oquirrh lake.

Dallon and Taylor: You will find us paddle boarding on the lake or playing cornhole in one of the parks. Biking to Harmons for gelato. Then, hopefully heading to one of the summer concerts. Taylor loves all the trails for running and getting fresh air during the day, while Dallon loves taking in the view of the Wasatch mountains from Overlook Park. Sachi loves anywhere she can bird watch.

Jamie: We would most likely be kayaking or paddle boarding down at the lake with the neighbors. We love sitting on the front porch with the neighbors while the kids are outside riding bikes or playing tag. We also love walking down to the concerts on a Saturday evening.

You chose to stay in an ever-evolving community. What do you want to see in the future of Daybreak? What new openings are you most excited for?

Dallon and Taylor: We are so excited for the new downtown/urban center. We hope that it brings some great, local restaurants. 

Jamie: We are so excited to walk the kids over to a Bees baseball game and eat hot dogs with a Swig drink in hand. We also are so excited to have a variety of restaurants in the community because we love date nights.

Clearly you fell in love with Daybreak—which we love! We’re wondering, what is the one community feature that you just absolutely could not live without after living here?

Karli: I love that there are so many different parks located around Daybreak and they all offer something different. We have been in Daybreak since 2017 and we have loved our time here! 

Dallon and Taylor: There is so much to love about Daybreak. We love that everything we need is within five minutes of our home. Our favorite community feature is the lake. During the summer when we get on the lake, we really feel like we are on vacation and all the stress of normal life melts away.

Jamie: We live at the lake and pools all summer long, and we love the events and the parks. I just don’t think we could live outside of Daybreak. There’s nothing like it! 

Living in Daybreak has many benefits, including the option of joining these families in doing the Daybreak Shuffle should your needs ever change. With so many different types of homes available, you can rest assured you will find something to match your new wish list without having to leave behind the lifestyle and community you love. 

Are you making your first move to the area? Daybreak represents a new movement in the Salt Lake Valley, one that prioritizes sustainability, community, and a deep connection to nature. Founded on the idea that the decisions we make today will have a lasting impact on future generations, everything from the homes we build to the way we conserve resources is done with an eye toward the long-term health of the community. If you’re looking for a place to call home, you’ll want to check out what Daybreak has to offer!