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What's Happening

The Heart Attack program offers support for anyone in the community needing love, solidarity, appreciation, and a chance to feel seen. The response to participate has been remarkable, 300+ Daybreak resident volunteers.

On an afternoon walk around Daybreak, you may be lucky enough to witness Danielle Johnson and her team of Daybreak resident volunteers delivering “heart attacks” throughout the community.  Comprised of colorful hearts with encouraging words adhered to the front door, a gift curated based upon the recipient’s likes and interest and a hand-written note—a “heart attack” is very specific to the support the recipient needs.

This act of kindness has served several hundred Daybreak residents over the last few months while emotions and stress have been high due to the pandemic. When Danielle and her family moved to Daybreak, she wanted to find a way to serve that was authentic to her. In early 2020, she was made aware of a child needing encouragement. So, she decorated their front door with hearts, left a gift and a hand-written note. A few days later she was informed by the parents how meaningful that simple act of kindness was. Shortly after this first experience, Danielle heard about another child who needed encouragement, so she repeated the gifting. Feeling inspired, Danielle inquired on social media if anyone else in the neighborhood could use a “heart attack.” Within a few hours she had 22 requests for heart attacks and dozens of people offering to help. Now, Danielle and her group of 300+ Daybreak resident volunteers drop off heart attacks Monday-Friday. And over the recent holiday season, they were able to help more than 100 families with coats, clothes, and gifts.

“To me community can be so many different things,” Danielle shared. “It can be negative or positive. What I wanted when I moved to Daybreak and what I want to help create is a community of love, togetherness, support, diversity, acceptance, and fun.”

How to Give a Heart Attack

Danielle is always looking for Daybreak resident volunteers and donations. If you would like to participate, simply join the Facebook group. Every week she shares opportunities to serve.

“I love how people pull together to help their fellow community members,” shared Danielle. “I love how friendly everyone is. I love that people are so supportive of different ways of living and family cultures. Community should be a soft place to fall where we can find peace, safety, and a sense of belonging.”

In Danielle’s free time she enjoys walking around Oquirrh Lake and watching the variety of birds that live here (ducks, seagulls, ravens and especially the doves). Danielle and her husband have been married for 10 years and have two children. They also rescue dogs, which she said holds her family together.

Danielle Johnson and her family. Danielle started the Heart Attack Program and manages 300+ Daybreak resident volunteers.