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Chances are if you’ve lived in Daybreak for a bit you know the Menzer family. This outgoing family of four (Kroger, Heather, Bradley and Sophie) take full advantage of life at Daybreak. For the last few years, they have lived just steps from Oquirrh Lake in a town home built by Sego Homes in the heart of SoDa Row.  Planting roots in the urban area of SoDa Row provided the opportunity for the Menzer family to get the best of both worlds–a walkable, energetic lifestyle without the stress of city living. Add in amazing views of Oquirrrh Lake from their front porch  and an 18 second commute to work–they truly are taking full advantage of urban living at Daybreak.

Why They Chose A Town Home

The Menzer family has been a part of Daybreak since the very beginning, and built a home in Founders’ Park Village in 2006. After moving out of Daybreak for a short period of time, the family returned opting to live in the “center of the community”. Being an incredibly active family they wanted a home within close proximity to the lake and a maintenance free lifestyle offered by purchasing a town home. They also didn’t need a large backyard because they consider Oquirrh Lake and SoDa Row to be their backyard.
Their town home is also “18 seconds away from my office,” says Kroger, who is a real estate agent for Keller Williams Real Estate, located at SoDa Row. Not only does the close proximity of his office make for a short commute, but he also enjoys the frequent visits from his kids as they come home from school.

What They Love Most

From their home, the almost instant access to SoDa Row brings a great vibe and energy to the neighborhood. According to Heather, “It feels like there’s always something going on.” On Saturdays Heather can open the windows and hear the concerts, kids splashing around on the splash pad, people riding bikes and just hanging out in the community.
The lifestyle is unique and community driven, which is hard to find in a lot of places. There’s a lot of diversity, and everyone knows everyone, which Heather loves and says makes her feel safe. “I know that when my kids are playing at SoDa Row that someone there is keeping an eye on them,” remarks Heather. She says this strong sense of community is partly driven by the many community activities available including a variety of clubs and events offered by the community council LiveDAYBREAK.
Heather loves the schools in Daybreak. Her son was attending an ALPS program in Riverton, but she decided to move him to the Early Light Academy in Daybreak because of the strong community and because she wanted him to go to school with his friends.

Favorite Spots To Hang Out

Heather and kids are always at Swirly Girls bakery, and her family frequently dines at The Break Sports Grill where some of their favorite dishes are the grilled cheese sandwiches and steak bites. Originally from New Orleans, the Menzers are huge Saints fans and also enjoy the game-day atmosphere and night life at The Break where it’s tough to get a seat on the weekends when there’s a game on. The Break offers a full bar and has a great game room in the back.
Soda Row
They also take every opportunity to get out and play on the lake and are avid paddle boarders. In 2012, Heather decided to start a paddle boarding club for Daybreak residents that has more than 250 members. The sport has become so popular that Heather was hired by the Daybreak HOA to teach paddle boarding classes to residents.
Heather and Kroger are also members of the Wine Club, which they say most people outside of Daybreak would be surprised to know exists “and is rather popular” says Heather.DaybreakWFANDCO_16
SoDa Row Village offers a fresh take on community with modern homes and local business in a colorful, outdoorsy setting. Come and tour the Sego model homes or contact Sandy for more details about availability at 801-436-8766.

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