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Hit the trail. Sled down the hills. Cross Country ski around the lake. Strap on your snow shoes to explore nature. Or just hang out next to the fire pit in SoDa Row Village. We’re not sure exactly how many ways there are to enjoy the Utah outdoors. But we do know that even in winter months, Daybreak has a lot of snow day activities.
snow day activities

Snow Day Activities in Daybreak:

1. Sledding
A favorite sledding hill in Daybreak is located in Northshore Village (off of Vermillion Drive). It begins in a park and doesn’t have a lot of trees, making it a popular spot that’s ideal if you love speed. Snowboarders have even been known to hit this one too. Just remember to watch for other people sledding, wear proper safety gear (like a helmet), and bundle up.
2. Snow Shoeing
After a fresh blanket of snow, explore Daybreak while snow shoeing. It is a peaceful way to connect with nature, exercise and see Daybreak from a new perspective.
snow day activities
Snow Shoeing is perfect to help you maintain or improve cardiovascular fitness. Snowshoers can burn more than 45 percent more calories than walking or running at the same speed, according to Outdoor Industry Association.
3. Cross Country Skiing
During winter months, Daybreak doesn’t clear the snow from the trail the surrounds Oquirrh Lake. Instead we encourage residents to use the snow covered trail for winter activities, such as cross country skiing. This winter activity is a relatively low impact, total body workout that is great for burning calories. It’s also something almost everyone can participate in.
4. Biking
Just because temperatures are cold, doesn’t mean you should stop biking. Keep in mind these three things so that you will enjoy biking all-year long in Daybreak:

  • Proper clothing to keep you warm
  • Biking in the winter may require adjustments to your bicycle. Make sure your bike is properly maintained and outfitted. With snow and ice, a wider tire can help maintain traction.
  • Winter riding calls for slightly different skills than riding in warmer months. Be aware of your surrounding.

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