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What's Happening

It began with a pretty simple idea: Create a spot where people can get up high and take in the views of the mountains and the surrounding area. From there, “the mound” in Daybreak’s new Heights Park was conceived.
Heights Park (updated) -12_edited
The mound measures over 20’ from top to bottom and is the obviously unusual signature element that stands out at one of the highest points in Daybreak. At the base of the mound sits a generous overlook area designed to accommodate picnics or to serve as a respite along the path of your evening stroll.
Heights Park (updated) -14 edited
The large grassy area at the bottom of the park not only serves as the neighborhood’s storm water retention zone, but also a sizable spot for pickup games, movies in the park and a host of other activities. The park is located at a bit of a crossroads where several streets converge (Split Rock Dr., Crosswater Rd., Mellow Way) and was designed to serve as a landmark in the neighborhood.
Heights Park (updated) -15_edited
Heights Park is also the name of Daybreak’s newest Village comprised of a broad mixture of home styles that accommodates a diverse mix of life stages. This village of several hundred homes will be one of the last single family home neighborhoods in Daybreak’s original villages. It’s location provides not only great views from its hilltop location, but also quick (and mostly downhill) access to Oquirrh Lake and SoDa Row. It is anticipated that the park will be completed later this summer.
Explore Heights Park in the video below.heights park video frame
*Park details are subject to change without notice. Images are provided as a rendering and may vary from the final outcome.