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Over the last decade active-adult communities have become increasingly popular not to mention increasingly creative and sophisticated in what they offer. Active-adult communities give people age 55+ an opportunity to reside near others in the same stage of life. And they offer a low-maintenance lifestyle that leaves you more time to enjoy a variety of interesting and enriching activities right in the neighborhood. 

Women playing tennis in an active adult community in Salt Lake City, Utah.

If you’ve decided that an active-adult community is the best choice for you, the next step is figuring out exactly where you want your community to be. For most people, the ideal place to retire is somewhere that combines attributes such as great outdoor living, access to quality healthcare and, of course, affordability.  Salt Lake City ticks all these boxes—and then some. 

1. Diverse and Affordable Housing 

Housing in Salt Lake City is more affordable and plentiful than in many other Southwest cities. Salt Lake offers a variety of choices, including luxury retirement communities. What’s more, a relatively low property tax rate makes your easy-living home easier to afford.. 

2. Nature Beckons From Your Window

Utah offers some beautiful homes, but the natural scenery is simply breathtaking. 

Utah boasts some of the most renowned natural settings in the world, with names such as Moab, Zion National Park, Arches National Park, the Canyonlands and the Great Salt Lake itself. But you don’t have to head to the mountains to enjoy Utah’s outdoors. Depending on the community you choose, you’ll find charming botanical gardens, unique city parks, hiking and biking trails, and even places to picnic near a lake or river right in your neighborhood. 

3. The Healthcare is High Quality

Salt Lake City has set a high bar when it comes to access and quality of healthcare . With its abundance of well-trained medical professionals and reasonable health insurance premiums, Utah owns one of the highest-ranking healthcare systems nationwide… And the state’s #1 hospital is in Salt Lake City!

4. There’s a Culture of Community 

If there’s one thing you’ll immediately notice when you move to Salt Lake City, it’s the hospitality and warmth of the locals. There’s a sense of community here that just seems built into the culture. Outsiders are welcomed with friendliness and respect. And there are plenty of ways to play your part too. If you’re the type to take part in charitable causes, there’s no shortage of chances to volunteer. 

5. Traveling is a Breeze

For many, retirement means the chance to travel. And yet one thing that is often overlooked when it comes to choosing a place to retire is the quality of the nearest airport. Is it conveniently located? Does it have direct flights to key destinations? And is it relatively easy to navigate? Among large airports, Salt Lake City International ranks among the highest in customer satisfaction. And even if you’re just traveling within the Salt Lake Valley, you have great choices for getting around, from light rail to bike lanes. And a smart road system makes it easy to use your own car if that’s what you prefer. 

6. Business is Booming

Just because you’re retiring doesn’t mean that you can’t keep your options open. If, by any chance, you decide to return to the workforce part-time or full-time, know that you’ll have plenty of opportunities in SLC. Not only has the job market been growing, but future job growth is expected to skyrocket in the coming years. 

Whether you are recently retired or still working, thinking about where you want to live as retirement approaches is extremely important. Continue reading for more FAQs about retiring in Salt Lake City.

FAQs about Retiring in Salt Lake City

Is Utah a Retirement-Friendly State? 

Maybe it’s the small-town values which translates to a higher life expectancy rate. But whatever the reason, Salt Lake City has been named one of the healthiest cities in America. Here, you’re surrounded by activities such as hiking and skiing. And not only will you stay active, but you’ll also enjoy knowing you’re in a city where the violent crime rate is nearly half the national average. 

Also, Utah offers a lot of brain-stimulating, curiosity-quenching cultural experiences such as historic sites, museums and community events. 

Is Idaho/Utah Better for Retirement? 

Statistics suggest that Utah may in fact be better for retirement than Idaho. Time and time again, Utah has ranked higher in lists of the top states for retirees. Still, it’s not like all cities in Utah or Idaho are the same. You need to have a more specific idea about where you’d like to live and make a comparison between individual cities.   

How does Utah Rank for Retirement? 

Among states in the western United States, Utah ranks very well. In fact, the state consistently ranks high as a retirement destination as it satisfies the criteria that determine how liveable a place is. 

Tips for Deciding Where to Retire

You need to think about how much it actually costs to live where you plan to retire. You’ve got to assess the price of day-to-day as well as monthly items and expenses. What are taxes like? How easy is it to access certain things? 

Also, consider taking a trip there to experience it firsthand. Get an idea of the climate, the culture and the lifestyle. Determine whether the housing fits your needs. Make time to tour multiple active-adult neighborhoods and master-planned communities. 

Salt Lake City: a Retirement Paradise

If you’re not convinced by now that this is the best place to retire, then you’ll never be. You should be able to agree now that Salt Lake City is perfect for active-adults. Among the factors to consider are cost of living, access to quality health care and a plethora of options for outdoor recreation. 

You’re now in a position to make this life-changing decision. Take your time with it, keep doing your homework on the region and be clear about what it is you want. You’ve entered a chapter in your life where you need to make careful choices, and choosing where to retire is one of those choices. Take into consideration the points raised above and start seeing yourself living the sweet life in Salt Lake City.