This is getting exciting

Ladies and gentlemen, may we have your attention. In Daybreak, you are about to see things that will surprise you. Intrigue you. Delight you. In the not-too-distant future, you may find yourself wondering, “How did they do that?” But sooner, today even, you may find yourself saying, “I want that.”

Downtown Daybreak
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Introducing: Downtown Daybreak

That’s correct. Downtown. Daybreak. A collection of districts where you can bike to work, walk to lunch, ride light rail, and go to art exhibits. You know, real town living. The first two districts, South Station and Ramble, are underway. In fact, you can already buy a home in South Station a hop and a skip from light rail and the now-happening Salt Lake County Library. And more urban buzz is just around the corner.

Dive into Downtown


So if you know Daybreak, you know the original Lower Villages are built around Oquirrh Lake. In the new Upper Villages, we’re now working on a bookend to the lake. It’s called the Watercourse. And it’s like a big creek or canal that will meander through a large stretch of the Upper Villages near Highland Park. Picture this:


Canoeing, kayaking and paddleboarding through the neighborhood

Hosting a little waterside cookout with friends

Catching a ride on the Duffy Boat

Taking your laptop to a shady spot next to the Watercourse

The Watercourse will be part of the network of trails and nature that we call the Loop. So in the Upper Villages, you’ll be able to start your day with a nice long run or a nice long paddle. You can even hike or bike or kayak your way to the Cove.


Here At The Cove…

… you’ll find big ponds to paddleboard around. Shady lawns to picnic on. An open-air pavilion to host big parties in. A shoreline event space perfect for outdoor concerts and weddings. You’ll also find Cove House, a combination clubhouse, game room and community info center. When completed, the Cove will be the row-to destination along the Watercourse.


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AUG 2-17

In Daybreak, the Parade of Homes goes to a whole new level. Come tour nine inspiring Parade Homes, including an enchanting island home. Be among the first to discover the plan for one of Daybreak’s most ambitious features yet: the Watercourse. And while you’re here get a taste of everyday life in Daybreak with food trucks, a street fair and other miscellaneous merrymaking.

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More ways to play on The Island

In Daybreak’s premier neighborhood — surrounded by water, beach-side trails and beautiful homes — you may find it hard to imagine life getting any better. But it just did. With a shaded pavilion out on the water. A private paddling beach with a dock, hammocks and a paddleboard launch. A boardwalk that stretches through the cattails out into the lake. More places to sit in the grass, build sandcastles and let your toes dangle in the water. And new homes from the $300s to over $1 million.

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In addition to the big, reality-altering plans that are moving forward in Daybreak, all sorts of smaller life-changing stuff is coming to light.


A long list of amenities coming to our newest 55+ neighborhood, Springhouse Village


New models and a brand-new park in Heights Park Village


The Lakeside neighborhood of our 55+ village, Garden Park