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What's Happening

It just feels like home.
Is the response that Hailey and Brad Devine give when asked “With what you do for a living, you could live anywhere in the world! Why do you choose to live in such a simple place like Utah?”
The Devine family travel extensively for work as a husband-wife film making team and as social media influencers, but when it comes to their happy place there is no competition. In a recent blog post, Hailey shared “Whenever we return home from a trip, I’m overwhelmed with so much gratitude! Especially this time of year when all of the flowers are in full bloom, and everyone on our street is playing outside.” For several years, the Devine family have called Daybreak located in South Jordan, Utah–home. 

Hailey Devine boating at Oquirrh Lake in Daybreak.

Photo courtesy of @HaileyDevine

On warm summer nights–Hailey, Brad, Lucy and Greta are often found boating around the neighborhood lake, riding their bikes via the trail network or saying “hello” to the ducks.

Read the full blog post, here.
Hailey and Brad Devine are a husband-wife team who have a passion for film making, travel and creating an impact wherever they go. They have two adorable girls and live in Daybreak located in South Jordan, Utah.  You can follow their adventures at: www.somewheredevine.com