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We have a lot of A+ amenities here at Daybreak, but one of the highest scoring benefits is something we DON’T have: school drop-off stress. So, how did we thoughtfully engineer our way out of school traffic? We’ll let you in on the not-so-secret secret…we didn’t. We made schools walkable instead! That’s right, the five-minute rule that Daybreak was built upon (that every home is within a five-minute walk of amenities) also applies to the wide variety of schools in the community. This has been so successful, that a University of Utah study found that over 70% of students in Daybreak walk to school at least once a week. 

Now, you might be thinking: What’s the point of walkable schools in a world filled with buses and cars? Walkable schools strengthen community by building a sense of unity amongst students, parents, and educators alike. Not to mention, it helps save time and money on gas, and reduces traffic congestion. Plus, it is a daily opportunity to teach young learners about the importance of sustainability and eco-friendliness. Another bonus? A little exercise in the morning gets the blood pumping and the brain working. We call that a parenting win-win. 

Walkable amenities (especially schools), are important to the overall health of the neighborhood. In fact, research shows that there is a very strong relationship between good schools and thriving communities. A 2022 report from Brookings found that “championing the creation of community schools can help meet the dual ambitions of advancing school performance and neighborhood well-being—and ultimately create more prosperous, equitable, and resilient cities and regions for everyone.” 

A Diversity of Options at Daybreak Schools

Daybreak is a vibrant and diverse community, and its variety of schools reflects that. Here, we believe in exposing kids to a range of academic styles and opportunities. We have top-ranked public schools—known for dedicated teachers and academic integrity—where K-12 students can immerse themselves in a world of learning and become lifelong buddies. If you’re new to Daybreak, we’d love to walk you through all of the options there are to choose from to help you figure out what’s best for your family! 

For residents of the Upper Villages, there are lots of schools in store. Aspen Elementary opened its doors in 2021 to offer an education with a spotlight on play and physical activity. There are also big plans for more schools in this growing area. Land has been set aside for two additional elementary schools in the Upper Villages. Plus the school district has acquired land for a future middle and high school in the area.

For those craving a more tailored approach to education, there are two charter school options that set their own curriculum and policies to provide their students with a unique and rigorous academic experience. If this learning style speaks to you, check out Early Light Academy, a K-9 public charter school that focuses on a liberal arts education, where young minds shine bright with creativity and curiosity. If you’ve got an older learner looking to get the charter experience, check out American Academy of Innovation’s experiential approach to learning for grades 6-12. 

Seeking a more personalized experience? Look no further than Daybreak Academy. This private school prides itself on providing an exceptional education with a touch of individuality serving pre-k to 1st grade. With so many incredible schools to choose from in Daybreak, there’s no doubt that every student’s unique needs and passions can be celebrated and nurtured.

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Mountain Creek Middle School

As you can see, our walkable schools are vitally important to the community of Daybreak. Not only do they give curious young minds the tools that they need to succeed in the classroom and beyond, they also bring people together, encourage exercise, and get us outside in the fresh air. Thinking of moving to Daybreak? We think you’ll find it the perfect place to watch your kiddos blossom and grow!


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