The Spoke Bike Park in Highland Park Village

It’s wonderful. It’s whimsical. And it’s for wheels.

This month, we’re starting construction on a new bike park. Except this bike park is more than a park; it’s a whole series of experiences that ramble through our Highland Park Village neighborhood along the trail network known as the Loop. And it’s not just for mountain bikes. It’s also for skateboards, inline skates, BMX bikes, even Strider Bikes. 

So what do we call it? How about the Bigger-Than-a-Park-For-More-Than-Just-Bikes Thing? Or the Jumpy, Bumpy, Zippy, Flowy, Roll-a-Rama? No? Then let’s just call it … The Spoke.

That’s a short name for a humongous amount of leg-powered fun. The Spoke will include a variety of bike park experiences, each tuned to a particular ability level: from beginner to intermediate to maestro. You’ll find yourself breezing through groves of trees, bopping in and out of basins, encountering features like whale tails, berms, gaps, rock gardens and table tops. All scattered along a half-mile stretch of the Loop like spokes on a wheel or pearls on a string.

Speaking of pearls, The Spoke will also have a crown jewel: a mindblowing, sweet flowing pump track designed and handcrafted by none other than Velosolutions of Switzerland, co-creators of the Red Bull UCI Pump Track World Championships.

And the truly beautiful thing about The Spoke is that they’re woven right into the neighborhood. No more getting in the car to ride your bike. On your way to school? Catch a little air. Want some after-dinner entertainment? Pedal over to the pump track. Feel more like hanging than riding? Just find yourself a comfy spot in the spectator area or near a fire pit and enjoy the show.

Oh, and would you like to live close — like, across-the-street close — to The Spoke? We have homesites available.

The Spoke will take the better part of two years to complete. But since we’re getting started right away, we hope to finish the initial phase by the end of this year. And, yes, this first part will include the pump track. (You’re welcome.)

So air up your tires and tighten your helmet strap. The Spoke is coming to Daybreak.

The Spokes Bike Park, Daybreak Amenity, Velosolutions | Daybreak Utah
The Spokes Bike Park, Pump Track Renderings, Velosolutions | Daybreak Utah
The Spokes Bike Park Renderings | Daybreak Utah

Portions of The Spoke will include dirt tracks with sculpted mounds for jumps and tricks. Though the majority of this new amenity will be maintained by the Community Association (HOA), LiveDaybreak is looking to help form a new Mountain Bike Club that would actually get involved in the final design of the system and assist or advise the maintenance crew with proper trail maintenance. If you’re interested in learning more please reach out to Henry Johnson [email protected] for more info or to get involved.

*The amenities described in this post in both copy and imagery represent the designers’ vision for this area of the community and what Daybreak Communities intends to build at this point in time, however it’s still early in the journey. The process for taking any amenity from concept to completion involves many steps and months of work including the creation of detailed construction drawings, engineering, and obtaining bids to ensure that the scope of the project as designed fits within a pre-determined budget. During this process, changes can and do occur to the original concept. Some elements of what is described and shown above may be changed or eliminated completely. Our intent in sharing this information at this point in time is to provide a preview of what’s being designed to help the public understand how this area might live. It is not to present a final solution or commitment to build a specific design.