[fusion_text]So you are thinking about buying a new home in Utah? Well, an important thing to consider when thinking about your next home is where that home will be located, meaning the immediate neighborhood around you. It may sound like a simple thing, but the community you live in matters. When you move to Daybreak in South Jordan, Utah you become part of a community filled with character that is designed to maintain value and quality of life for the people who live here. Daybreak is a master planned community. That is to say, it’s a community in which things like architecture, landscaping, and amenities haven’t been left to the whims of chance but have been carefully designed. The purpose of the Daybreak HOA is to make sure that the community continues to live up to its unique, original vision.

The association is guided by a board of directors, with regular input from residents. The board is comprised of both developer and resident board members. As the community continues to grow, the board will transition to being fully comprised of residents. Daily management of the association is fulfilled by a third-party company, CCMC.

Daybreak HOA Benefits

In fact, you could say that a three-bedroom home in Daybreak is actually a three-bedroom, two-tennis-court, one-lake, multiple-community-garden home with parks, trails, swimming pools, public school, shopping and light rail. With more to coming in the not to distant future, like The Watercourse and The Spoke.

Daybreak HOA Fee

The base homeowners association fee in Daybreak is $131.50 per month for 2021 and includes Internet.
If you live in a low-maintenance home (such as a townhome or condo), you will enjoy additional services maintained by a homeowners sub-association such as snow pushing, yard care and some exterior maintenance. The sub-association also covers insurance on the building (a key investment for all homeowners). Daybreak also offers a low-maintenance Village for age recommended 55+, residents in Garden Park and Springhouse Village are charged an additional fee for use of the private Garden Club community center and pool.*
Talk to a Daybreak ambassador or to your home builder to learn the specific fees for the Daybreak home you are considering.
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*Additional services and sub-association fees vary by home and Village.

Daybreak HOA Contact Information

Daybreak association
To learn more about the Daybreak Community Association, please call or visit:
11274 S. Kestrel Rise Rd., Ste. F
Phone: 801-254-8062
Fax: 801-254-3240
Hours: Mon – Fri 8a – 5p, Thur 8a – 6p[/fusion_text]

*Current Internet speed is 100 MB, CenturyLink will upgrade the speed to 200 MB during 2021.