Rugged biking trails and untold adventures are just one part of the narrative for the 160-acre Bingham Creek Regional Park (formerly Welby Park) located on the northern edge of Daybreak. The park located at approximately 4800 W. and 10200 S. will be owned and operated through a partnership between South Jordan City and Salt Lake County. According to the South Jordan City newsletter, “Bingham Creek Regional Park will be the largest park in Salt Lake County when it is complete and will be a unique generational gathering place, a recreational area, and trail hub in our community.”

Bingham Creek Regional Park  Relationship to Daybreak | South Jordan, Utah

Phase 1 of construction began earlier this month and is anticipated to be completed Fall 2022. The project is funded from three major sources Salt Lake County Zoo, Arts and Parks (ZAP), South Jordan City and Daybreak Communities.

Bingham Creek Regional Park Rendering | South Jordan, Utah

Phase 1: Bingham Creek Regional Park

Salt Lake County Mayor, Jenny Wilson and South Jordan Mayor, Dawn Ramsey visited the location to give a status update on the project. Watch here.

Phase 2

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