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Shop from your local growers, bakers, artisans and crafters during the Daybreak Farmers Market, every Saturday from June-September.  The Daybreak Farmers Market is a partnership between LiveDAYBREAK, our community council, and Daybreak resident Stephanie Devine.

In 2017, Stephanie moved to Daybreak from Huntington Beach, California. As she settled into her new community, it struck her that Daybreak would benefit greatly from a farmer’s market. As a strong supporter of local businesses and growers, Stephanie was determined to make it happen. And we are excited to welcome the Daybreak Farmers Market back for its second season.
“I’ve always tried to eat as close to where my food was grown as possible. In fact, my family either grew or harvested most of our own food when I was a child. Because of that, I value the incredibly dedicated and often difficult work that small producers put into their products,” said Stephanie. “I’ve been shopping farmer’s markets since the 1980’s, and thought that a farmers market would be the next logical step for a community like Daybreak.”
Stephanie has been able to secure a wide variety of vendors selling produce, grass-fed beef, artisan baked goods, wild caught seafood, handmade jewelry, crafts, and hand-sewn clothing.

Vendor Line-up for 2019:

2 Farm Boys
2 Vagabonds
Aolani’s Aloha Brew
Beesley Beard Co
Bennion Beef
Big Daddy Hill’s BBQ Sauce, LLC
Blue Canyon Farm
BlueTree Farms
Brandon Thomas Art & Design
Christiansens Family Farm
CJ Rocks
Creative Loops Studio
Crumb Brothers
Ctrl.Alt.Delete Skincare & Soaperie
Desolymar Handmade Pottery
EmilyAsh Designs
Finest Sno On Earth
Go Ask Alice Designs
Head to Heart to Hand
Hooks Rubs & Spices
Kandoo Farm
Kumi Jewelry
Little Fat Stick
Make Tracks Outdoors
Merry Wolf Woodworking
Queen Bee Gardens
Raclette Machine
Rich Games
Rooster’s Gourmet Popcorn
Salsitas Mendoza
Salt and Vinegar Syndicate
Sego Lily Flower Farm
Straight Embroidery
Tagge’s Famous Fruit and Veggie Farms
TaraCotta Creations
The Good Pencil Company
The Protein Foundry
The sauce boss
The Soap Snob
Tommy’s Antler Chews and Decor
Tonguespank Spice Co.
Tropical Blend
Utah Infinity Garden
Utah Women Writers
Veth’s Mind-Blowing Beef Jerky
Weed Family Honey
Wild & Peachy
Wild Hummingbird Creations
*Note vendors are subject to change and may not attend every week.

If you would like more information about the Daybreak Farmers Market, please visit www.daybreakfarmersmarket.com.

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LiveDAYBREAK, is Daybreak’s nonprofit community council whose mission is to nurture a vibrant and caring community. They are indeed the heartbeat of the community and provide opportunities for residents to be involved. LiveDAYBREAK manages most of the activities, events, educational programs in the community and they coordinate charitable giving projects and fundraisers for the residents of Daybreak. Learn more at www.livedaybreak.com.