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To everyone who lives, works or even just walks around the lake in Daybreak: welcome to the winner’s circle.

Every year, PCBC — also known as the Pacific Coast Builders Conference — recognizes the top innovators in home and community design, planning, and development. From a pool of about 600 U.S. and international entries, judges select merit winners and one grand winner in over 50 categories, including various types of housing (single-family, multifamily, custom and so forth), architecture, renovation, site planning … well, it’s a long list. But perhaps the most prestigious award — sort of the “Best Picture” of the whole show — is Master Planned Community of the Year.

And the winner is … Daybreak.

Now you may be asking, “Why did PCBC pick Daybreak as the best community?” It turns out there were lots of reasons. Judges referred to Daybreak’s excellent accessibility, thanks to its light rail stations and its location straddling the Mountain View Corridor. They praised the variety and unique beauty of Daybreak’s homes, and how they’re “woven into a tapestry of community pride.” They loved how Daybreak has been designed to promote a healthy lifestyle, with restaurants, shops, schools and gathering places mixed into a community plan crisscrossed with over 30 miles of trails. They even talked about the amphitheater “that comes alive with summer evening concerts.”

In short, they liked just about everything.

And this isn’t Daybreak’s only award this year. PCBC also gave merit honors to Daybreak’s SoDa Row district in the category of Best Mixed Use Development. And in February, the National Association of Home Builders named the Hub — the combination café, neighborhood pool and information center in Daybreak’s Upper Villages — as Best Sales/Information Center among entrants from across the U.S. and Canada.

Now in its fifteenth year, Daybreak is increasingly recognized as a model for how to create a vibrant place — a place that leads to a healthier environment, a stronger economy and richer everyday lives. And Daybreak Communities, the company responsible for Daybreak’s ongoing development, is being recognized as a thought leader whose innovative ideas are influencing development in Utah and beyond.

As the PCBC judges wrote in their award statement, “Daybreak has been quietly and confidently defining what community means for years, and it continues to inspire others to take place-making to new heights.”

So to our whole Daybreak Communities team and to everyone who has brought their family or business to Daybreak, congratulations. We’re making a real difference.

About the company

Daybreak Communities is dedicated to the art and science of placemaking. The core team was originally brought together to create Daybreak in the Salt Lake Valley. The result: a national model of sustainable mixed-use development, which is well into its second decade of market-leading growth and sales. Now Daybreak Communities is expanding its reach, bringing its unique approach to the rest of Utah and the Mountain States region. Ours is a holistic viewpoint. A hypersensitivity to context. A careful consideration of every factor. Above all, we believe in the transformative power of design to create exceptional value for all stakeholders — property owners who care about their legacy, investors and development partners committed to making great places, and communities looking to grow in healthy new ways.

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