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Nearly half a million people have moved to Utah in the past decade. And from the way the state’s tech industry has transformed, you can tell a lot of them are STEM workers.

With the rise in remote work, STEM workers have continued their exodus from tech capitals such as San Francisco, California, to greener pastures. And there are plenty of reasons why Utah has become one of their favorite pastures.

Silicon Slopes near Daybreak Utah

From Silicon Valley to Silicon Slopes – Reasons Why STEM Workers are Moving to Utah

1. It Makes Financial Sense

It’s the cost of groceries in Utah being below the national average. It’s the fact that half of the most expensive cities to commute to are coastal. It’s how the average price for a new home in a West Coast tech city is usually over $1 million. It’s all of this that makes a move to Utah a financially attractive proposition.

2. Terrific Transportation System

How you get around can impact your morale and productivity level, and the public transport in Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach leaves a lot to be desired. And with the almost continuous traffic congestion in L.A. and the Bay Area, commuting by car is even worse. Compare this to Utah, where Salt Lake International Airport is almost a straight shot up I-15 and where you’ll be traveling on Utah’s roads, which are ranked among the best.

3. Great Career Opportunities

Some of the largest, most recognizable tech companies in the world — including Microsoft, Adobe, and Facebook — have facilities in the Salt Lake region. And the area has become a hotbed of fast-rising startups and mid-size companies that are coming into their own. In fact, Utah has more unicorns than any other state.

What makes Utah such a haven for tech companies large and small? Well, it combines a good-for-business tax and regulatory environment with a great-for-employees lifestyle in one of the world’s most celebrated places for outdoor recreation. Added together, this has led to high job growth and low employment rates, creating a veritable paradise for skilled tech workers.

4. It’s Historically STEM-Centered

Tech isn’t a new thing in Utah. The inventor of the TV, Philo Farnsworth, was born on a farm near Beaver, Utah. A Salt Lake City police officer with the astonishingly appropriate name of Lester Wire invented the first electric traffic light. And a special kind of animation technology used by mega-studio Pixar was invented right here at the University of Utah. 

And with the emergence of Silicon Slopes, Utah’s long-standing tech heritage is accelerating into a bright tech future.

5. Utah’s Great for Raising Kids

There is high-quality education available in Utah. The state also has the second-best healthcare system in the country. As for having fun, there are unlimited family activities available to parents and their kids to do around the state, from top-notch ski resorts to picturesque bike rides, and pristine parks and pools; Utah has it all.

6. The Four Seasons Experience

Utah offers a world-class, year-round outdoor experience. Top-notch skiing and boarding are less than an hour away. In the summer months, camping, hiking, and fishing are equally close by. And if you’re a mountain biker… welcome to paradise. 


Zion National Park near Daybreak

Why is Utah the Perfect Place for Tech Companies?

For one, there’s a good stock of talent for tech companies to choose from in Utah. Outstanding programs at the University of Utah and other educational institutions in the area are turning out exceptional STEM graduates. Add to that the fact that Utah offers great tax incentives, and you have the perfect environment to launch, grow or relocate a business. 

Why are People Attracted to Silicon Slopes? 

Well, it’s where many of the great tech stories start. It’s a region characterized by some of the largest venture capital resources, some of the most successful entrepreneurs and tech pioneers, and a spirit of optimism and big ideas. This has created a hugely powerful tech community that attracts some of the smartest people in the world. 

Why Do People Move to Silicon Slopes?

It’s every STEM worker’s dream to make it big in Silicon Slopes. It truly is Mecca for anyone trying to make it in the industry. And whether you go to work for a Fortune 500 company or take a position with a startup, you get to collaborate and network with a lot of forward-thinking people. If you can get your foot in the door, it’s a wonderful place for anyone trying to further their career in technology.

Why is it Called Silicon Slopes?

Silicon Slopes is the fast-growing corridor that stretches north to south, from Logan, Utah, all the way down to St. George and everywhere inbetween. The name refers to the fact that the entire region is dominated by the dramatic slopes of the Utah Rocky Mountains. Some people think that Silicon Slopes refers only to Lehi, Utah and that is simply not the case.

How Many Tech Companies are in Utah?

There are at least 6,000 startups and tech companies in the Silicon Slopes district. That’s a lot of companies for a place whose traditional industry is agriculture. And this mix of innovation and agriculture — working with ideas and working with the land — creates a rich cultural juxtaposition.

Don’t Mope, Head to the Slopes

It’s not hard to see why Silicon Valley has lost some of its shine to Utah’s Silicon Slopes. With a plentiful supply of tech jobs, a reasonable cost of living, and a great lifestyle offering, Salt Lake has become one of the top cities for millennials with plenty of great reasons to move here. And the reputation of Silicon Slopes is very much on the upslope.

New homebuilt by Destination Homes at Daybreak Utah

Of course, once you’re here in Utah’s tech hub, the question becomes where to live.  One community definitely worth looking at is Daybreak in South Jordan. With its walkable mix of new homes, restaurants, shops, parks, trails, and a big lake, Daybreak has been the #1 best-selling new-home community in Utah for almost 20 years and a national model for architecture and creative, sustainable community-building. An innovative place for innovative people.


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