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A photo that created inspiration for the finished interior.

As Alice Lane Home Collection continues to create the exciting interior of Daybreak’s first Lake Loft that will debut during the 2015 Salt Lake Parade of Homes July 31-August 15, we went behind the scenes with head designer Griffin McCabe to learn how to really create décor with a big impact in a more intimate living space. Here are a couple of questions we asked him:
Daybreak: How did you maximize the space of the Lake Loft?
Griffin: To maximize space in the main living area, we opted for a smaller round dining table fit for 4 people, instead of a larger dining table that would fit 6 to 8.  We felt seating for four was a good amount in addition to the counter stools at the kitchen island.  By incorporating the smaller dining table, this allowed us to have two different spaces for lounging either by the fireplace to read a good book in one of the wing back chairs, or by the television to enjoy a movie with friends or family.  


Loft House floor plan.

Daybreak: What are some quick tips to make cozier spaces appear larger?
Griffin: Adding visual height to a room can make a space feel larger.  We’ve accomplished this in the bedrooms by installing drapery panels over the windows, which helps draw the eye upward and makes the windows feel larger than they actually are.
The first instinct when space planning a room is to push all of the furniture up against the walls, however, by floating your furniture off of the walls, it will give the illusion that space is much larger than it actually is.  We incorporated this trick in both of the main living areas by placing the sectional down the middle of the room to give the living area a sense of space.  We also placed four wing back chairs floating in front of the fireplace in the keeping area to achieve the same look of extra space around the chairs.
Hopefully you can follow Griffin’s tips and tricks to enhance home! And to watch the continued progress of the Lake Loft project, be sure to check back for weekly blog posts and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, where we’ll reveal all of the latest news.
And of course – join us for the 2015 Salt Lake Parade of Homes where you can take a personal tour of the loft and see the finished decor firsthand.