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Studies have shown that most people are willing to leave the car in the garage if the place they want to go to is within a 5-minute walk. Daybreak is based upon this simple rule—placing 25+ parks, restaurants, shopping, schools, offices and light rail within easy walking or biking distance from home. And the entire community is tied together with trails, sidewalks and bicycle highways.

Daybreak Parks

Daybreak is well known in Utah and across the country for its imaginative parks. Our parks are places for kids to burn off some energy and for everyone in the neighborhood to get together. With more than 25 parks in the community, we thought it would be great to share what makes each one unique. Select a Daybreak Park below for details and amenities:

BMX Track

Boulder Park

Bowery Park

Bowstring Park

Brookside Park

Church Park

Daybreak Promenade

Dog Park

Eastlake Beach Park

Eastlake Commons

Ewok Park

Firefly Park

Finch Park

Firmont Park

Founders Park

Garden Corner

Heights Park

Linear Park

Noyo Park

Orchard Park

Overlook Park

Peek-a-Boo Park

Secret Garden

Silent Rain Park

Sunflower Park

Sunset Park

Trellis Park

Tulip Park

Vermillion Park

Willoughby Park

Zig Zag Park

South Jordan City Parks within Daybreak

Callendar Square

Hillside Park

Sunrise Mountain Park

Highland Park

Daybreak Dog Park
Daybreak Parks
Daybreak Parks
Daybreak parks
Daybreak parks
Daybreak parks
South Jordan City Park
Daybreak Parks