Downtown Daybreak

Ramble District

Lake Avenue is a special thoroughfare. It stitches Daybreak together, connecting the original Lower Villages and Oquirrh Lake to the new Upper Villages west of Mountain View Corridor. Over the next few years, we’ll be taking the stretch of Lake Avenue that runs through Downtown Daybreak and turning it into a series of experiences that bring people together around local food, art and play. This is what we call the Ramble. It will be the heart of the Ramble District. And soon you’ll be able to buy a condominium that makes the Ramble your front yard.

How to Shop for a Home

At this moment, high demand for new homes means that our builders have waitlists (in some cases, long ones) of people wanting to buy a home. To help you navigate the current situation, we recommend these steps …

Start Online

Use the Daybreak homefinder to explore builders and floorplans. Then contact your preferred builders to learn more about availability and to reserve a place on their waitlist.

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Be Ready

Since it’s likely that your home will take up to 12 months to be completed, take steps that will let you act quickly on the home of your choice.

With our handy-dandy online map tool, come explore the community.

Not finding what you’re looking for? Or maybe you just need that human touch. Call our Concierge Staff at 801.446.9022.