Architectural variety is the cornerstone of Daybreak’s design philosophy. It makes the simple act of walking down the street a joy. And it lets each home fulfill its most important role: to reflect the personality of the family who lives there.


The front porch

A properly designed front porch stimulates conversation, inspires neighborliness and looks immeasurably better than a garage. That’s why almost every home in Daybreak has one.



You may not be able to name the elements of Craftsman or Victorian or contemporary architecture. But you can tell when a home has it right … and when it doesn’t. It’s like the difference between a homemade cupcake and a Twinkie.


Landscape architecture

A park is a lot more than a big stretch of grass and a scattering of trees. Or at least it should be. In Daybreak, we use design to make every moment you spend out in the community a rich visual experience.



Was it necessary to give the public bathrooms next to Oquirrh Lake a touch of seaside architecture? Did we really need to invent the special plant boxes for SoDa Row? For that matter, did we have to create a massive book of design guidelines for homebuilders? No. But then again, yes.