Design is everything

If Daybreak feels different from other places, it’s because this South Jordan community is dedicated to great design. We see every decision as an opportunity to enrich people’s lives. To create something so beautiful, so smart, or so both that it actually changes your day for the better.

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For generations

Daybreak is founded on the knowledge that the decisions we make today will be felt by our children and their children. What we all want is a community that will enrich their lives and equip them for future success.

We’re Daybreak Communities, the people behind Daybreak. And our hope is that Daybreak is helping to reveal a new pattern for growth in the Salt Lake Valley. Helping it become a place that is more prosperous than ever. Where commerce thrives. Where people feel a deep connection to nature and to each other. And where the careful conservation of energy, land and other resources gives our children the safe, healthy future they deserve.


The 5-minute rule

Studies have shown that most people are willing to leave the car in the garage if the place they want to go to is within a 5-minute walk. That’s why we based the community plan for Daybreak on this 5-minute rule, placing a mix of parks, shopping, schools, offices and light rail within easy walking or biking distance from your home.

Well-Built Homes

Pretty Smart

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And the homes of Daybreak look great whether the beholder is an architect or an engineer. From the beginning, Daybreak has striven to lead the way when it comes to energy efficiency, indoor air quality, resource conservation and craftsmanship.

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Healthy Living

Get Out There

With 30 miles of trails, a lake, and at least one park or open space within easy walking distance of every home, Daybreak is really just a big invitation to go outside and play. Or at least to go sit beside the lake, read a book and watch the ducks go swimming by.


Nothing is smarter than a neighborhood school

Think how far people are willing to drive to get their kids to a good school. That’s how important a proper education is. Now consider that in Daybreak, kids can simply walk to a good school. In fact, 71% of Daybreak students walk or bike to school. How is that possible? Because not only is Daybreak designed for easy walking, our plan includes adding schools as the community grows.

Schools that are within Daybreak 

Daybreak Elementary, K-6

Eastlake Elementary, K-6

Early Light Academy, K-6 public charter

Golden Fields Elementary, K-6

American Academy of Innovation, 6-12 public charter

Mountain Creek Middle School, 7-9

Schools near Daybreak

Herriman High School, 10-12

Schools that are coming soon to Daybreak
Public elementary school in Highland Park, Fall 2021.


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