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The best place for business has always been the intersection, the spot where two or more thoroughfares meet. Daybreak is a crossroads, not just of roads, but of trends. The top-selling community for new homes in Utah for over a decade. A place that’s leading the way for smart, sustainable growth in the Salt Lake Valley. A walkable, multi-dimensional mix of offices, retail districts, industrial facilities, a major medical campus, neighborhoods, parks, even a big lake. And a place that is served by some of Salt Lake’s most ambitious transportation projects: TRAX light rail and the Mountain View Corridor.

All these elements, coming together in a meticulous master plan, explain why Daybreak is the fastest-growing community in Utah. And they show what Daybreak is becoming: the next great place for business in the Salt Lake Valley.

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Office Space

Brandon D. Fugal
Executive Vice President
Coldwell Banker Commercial
[email protected]

Light Industrial / Data Centers

Tom Dischmann
Senior Vice President, CBRE
[email protected]

Retail Space

Chris Hatch
Retail/Investment Specialist, Mountain West
[email protected]

Joseph Mills
Retail Specialist, Mountain West
[email protected]

Commercial Land Opportunities

Scott R. Kaufmann
Vice President Commercial Development, Daybreak Communities
[email protected]