A Delicious Pairing of Food and Home

At Daybreak, we’re not into leftovers. When it comes to both homes and restaurants, we want fresh, surprising and oh-so-satisfying. Come see (and taste) what we mean when we take a bushel-full of our most flavorful homes and pair them with delectable bites from Daybreak eateries. You get to sample it all …

Move-In ready Homes

13 quick move-in homes throughout Daybreak

Small Plates

Small plates from Biscotts, Swirly Girls, Cupbob Korean BBQ, Saffron Valley, Swig and Ivie Juice Bar

Live Music

Live music by Another Brothers and Hot House West

28 Models

28 model homes in six different villages,
including Highland Park Village, our just-opened neighborhood on the new side of Daybreak


The Daybreak Home Tasting Tour starts in SoDa Row at the park near the intersection of 11400 South (Daybreak Parkway) and Kestrel Rise Road: 11241 S. Kestrel Rise Rd. South Jordan, UT, 84009. We hope you’ll join us!